As part of an ongoing maintenance contract our client has to store

and maintain 4 hydraulic piston cylinders for one of their customers.

The cylinders are approximately 10 metres long and are to be

stored outside in a secure compound. As part of the routine maintenance schedule the cylinders have to be rotated through 180 degrees and the hydraulic piston rods pressurised and fully extended on a regular basis.


A site visit was arranged to survey the cylinders in question. The

internal case dimensions were determined. The amount of clearance

required for access to the hydraulic fittings and the turning circle of

the cylinder as it would be rotated was taken into account. Large rollers were sourced and purchased by our client.

Once the rollers were received, we set about designing and manufacturing plywood formers which would secure the rollers at the correct angle and position to allow the cylinders to turn easily. The case was made from exterior grade plywood timber, lined externally with a heavy duty cross woven polyethylene sheeting. The case lid was manufactured in sections to allow certain areas to be opened as and where access was required. The lid was lined externally with roofing felt and angled to prevent rain and snow retention. A hatch was fitted at the end of each case to allow the Hydraulic ram to be extended and retracted without having to remove the cylinder.