A complete set of equipment needed to be removed, transported and

stored safely, then re-installed to a military vehicle on a regular

basis. The equipment consists of approximately 60 line items varying

from delicate electronic instruments and display screens to cable

harnesses, fixings and fasteners.


After many briefing meetings between us, our customer and the subsequent end user, it was decided to protect the various items of equipment within a single inner container, divided into separate

compartments, each fitted internally with foam inserts. The type and density of the foam was chosen specifically to protect the delicate

equipment from the rigours of transit, whilst still being robust enough

to withstand regular use.

The inner container was designed with a removable tray to locate all the small components and fixings. The lid of the inner container was designed for a dual purpose, to secure the contents inside and to locate the main mount and some of the more robust items on top.

A bespoke fastening system was designed and manufactured to secure the main mount to the top of the case utilising the existing hardware taken from the vehicle. Once the inner container is loaded, it is located and secured inside an outer transit case which is fitted with quick release fasteners to aid removal of the side and lid.

Various trials were undertaken to establish the correct fasteners as they had to be easily opened and very hardwearing. Both inner and outer cases were marked to identify locations for specific parts and an illustrated guide was printed and sent with each package showing a fully loaded case.