A project can only be considered successful if it has been carried

out safely. To maximise site safety we ensure that the workforce carry

out their tasks in the best conditions we can provide for them and

appropriate Health & Safety procedures have been implemented.

Site Inductions

In addition to the LV Valenbeck Health & Safety induction, a site induction is compulsory for every person working on site under LV Valenbeck’s control. Inductions include:

Security on site, Site Welfare, Drink and drugs Policy, Significant risks and hazards, Emergency procedures, Fire emergency evacuation procedures, Access rules, Protective equipment PPE and Accident reporting.

Safety Meetings

Safety meetings with the customer are carried out both daily

and weekly in order to discuss and resolve any possible issues during

the project.

Method Statements

The purpose of Method Statements is to ensure that all personnel required to carry out the tasks have been fully instructed in

the way they are to complete the task. The Method Statements describe in detail where, when and how a job or process will be carried out, it identifies any potential hazards and lists the appropriate control procedures.

Risk Assessments

The purpose of a risk assessment is to provide information and

solutions to the different issues that can be encountered during the

completion of a task. Every risk, even minor has to be identified and

assessed. The risk assessment informs the people onsite of the incidents which could possibly happen and as a consequence take the necessary precautions.

Site Inspections / Audit

LV Valenbeck’s Health & Safety management team carry out

unannounced site inspections and safety audits for self-Improvement. The inspections / audits ensure that the company’s safety procedures are being adhered to. Any problems identified are reported to the site

manager and immediately resolved.

Incident / Accident Reporting

Reporting incidents and accidents help to improve safety on

site, near miss incidents are also recorded as these will occur far more frequently than accidents. It is the project manager’s responsibility to maintain an accurate record of all site accidents and near misses and inform the Health & Safety team in case of major injury or concern.


LV Valenbeck only uses fully tested and certificated equipment. A valid certificate is sent to site with all tackle and equipment. All

equipment on site is entered onto a site register and a member of the

workforce made responsible for ensuring all tackle and equipment is

tested or inspected at relevant intervals by a qualified person.

All our slings are tested to comply the PUWER (Provision and

Uses of Work Equipment Regulations) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) standards.