Our LEAN/5S Journey

Our Management Team have completed our latest Kaizen event which resulted in further improvements in our LEAN and 5S programmes. During the exercise the team identified improvements within our 65,000ft² manufacturing operation and carried out a review of processes resulting in the remodelling of a large section of our export case making department.

Our team of experienced case makers work a two shift system (day and night) 5 days a week at our manufacturing facility in the North East of England to ensure export cases, crates and pallets are delivered to our highly valued clients on time.

What is your Carbon Footprint?

Did you know LV Valenbeck Limited have an environmentally friendly wood burning heating system?

Originally installed in 2013 our wood burning heating system continues to reduce our carbon footprint by allowing us to burn our wood waste. Before our system was installed approximately 4 tonnes of wood waste from our export packing and export case making operations was sent to landfill each week. The system chips our wood waste to produce fuel that is burned in our 195KW OFGEM accredited Non-Domestic RHI burner which in turn provides heating and hot water for the our 65,000ft² manufacturing operation and offices here at Jarrow. This reduces our consumption of gas further reducing our carbon footprint.

LV Valenbeck also recycle cardboard waste which is produced during the manufacture of cardboard cartons within manufacturing operation.

Did you know LV Valenbeck work outside of the UK?

Our team of export packing experts recently competed a major Export Packing Project in Germany which involved the packing of an entire manufacturing plant for export.

Our Assistant Factory Manager and a team of export packers embarked on a 3 month project in the EU to Project Manage and Export Pack a complete factory for relocation. The team worked on a shift rota working 6 days a week to measure an entire factory of high value, hi-tech production equipment removed from a large manufacturing plant.

Export packing cases were made in the UK, transported to the plant in Germany in flat pack form, machinery was then fully export packed, labelled and the finished export packing cases were loaded to flat rack, open top and standard containers before being shipped to their final destination.